"Halliburton Australia Pty Ltd., Canning Vale have used the services of Electrofen as their sole supplier for repair and maintenance of our electric fence surrounding the office, workshop and yard since 2001.

Electrofen commissioned our electric fence in 2001 and have continued to provide the same excellent level of service shown to us from the onset. They are one of the few companies in today’s environment that fully understand the importance of Customer Service, they not only deliver a constantly high level of attention to detail, but they strive to “over deliver” what is expected of them.

They have sent the same service team to attend to our fence for the past 4 years, which shows continuity of their workforce, and in turn leads to greater familiarisation with their customers’ needs and expectations.

Electrofen are very hands on when it comes to communication, no matter what time of the day or night I have a mobile number which I rang and know that I will speak to somebody who is empowered to deal with the problem. Due to our nature of business we can be on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we have never had a call-out that has not been handled immediately.

Electrofen are familiar with our site specific HSE requirements and conform to our rulings each and every visit."


"We are more than happy to advise the erection of our fence in Darwin some five years ago, was so successful and basically trouble free, that immediately we experienced the same type of break ins in Alice Springs, we arranged with Electrofen to erect a fence around our Warehouse in Alice Springs.

During the last five years in Darwin we have not experienced one successful break in and only one unsuccessful attempt. The bolt cutters transmitted a shock to the culprit attempting the break in and that was the end of that. Easter, five years ago, we have four break ins, two in one night, whilst there were dogs loose in the yard and security people in the warehouse. We even had break ins in the warehouse, whilst there were staff in the office, including myself.

We had spent in excess of $20,000 in security lights, guard dogs, new fences (not electric) etc. all with no avail. Nothing worked, except our electric fence erected by Electrofen.

Robert Dreger has been nothing short of fantastic with his immediate action, service and advice. We feel that the cost of the first fence and the subsequent service charges have been value for money and now in Alice Springs, we have the same feeling.

Our properties and stock are now secure and importantly a far safer and secure workplace for our staff, especially at night"


"In September and October of 1999 we experienced three break-ins of our office premises that resulted in the theft of computer equipment essential to the running of our day to day operations. Each success encouraged the thieves to return it seems and take substantially more equipment on each visit.

At the time of the trouble the security that was in place consisted of a perimeter fence, a monitored alarm at our office and three nightly visits from security guards. The result of the break-ins was that our insurers paid us visits, premiums were to increase substantially unless better security was in place, but more importantly our business suffered through staff down time as they simply could not operate without their computers at their work stations.

We investigated several options, but eventually enlisted Electrofen to install a perimeter security system, or as we call it, an electric fence around our offices. It is without question the best decision that we could have made.

Electrofen were quick to provide us with a quote and once accepted they installed our perimeter security system promptly and provided necessary staff training of how to enter and exit the premises and a rundown of how the fence works. They have also been excellent with the maintenance of the fence and their after sale service when we have had difficulties with the fence through storm damage, or attempted break and enters has been outstanding.

Since November 1999 when our perimeter security system was installed, we have not had one successful break and enter to our premises. The number of attempts decreased almost instantaneously and now we are aware of only the very rare occasion when would be thieves will ‘test’ the perimeter security system.

It is without hesitation that we recommend Electrofen for their excellent install and maintenance/ service performance. We also strongly recommend the perimeter security system as a highly effective addition to any current security measures."


"Dear Rob,

I would like to commend you on the quality of your products, workmanship and the level of professionalism displayed by the staff of Electrofen. Since our first electric fence was installed in early 2009, we have had a massive decrease in vandalism and theft. The structural integrity of the fence has been excellent – with the only occasions where it has been breached being when vehicles have crashed through (one of the hazards of being located at a busy intersection). However, your prompt service -even after hours and on weekends – as ensured that the security of our premises has been maintained. And your regular maintenance programme ensures our fences are always in optimal condition.

Now that we have expanded into neighbouring premises, we are again looking to your company to provide electric fencing for security. Your high standards, use of quality materials and exceptional workmanship make it easy for us to recommend your products and services to others.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Electrofen for many years."


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Secret Harbour WA 6173, Australia

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